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When someone mentions Midland, most people’s first thoughts turn to railroads and beautiful buildings. Located roughly 16 kilometers north-east of Perth, the town became the site for the Midland Railway Workshops after they relocated from Fremantle in 1904. Most engine construction and maintenance for the Western Australian Government Railways took place in Midland throughout the 20th Century.

With the new workshops set up, Midland slowly grew in size. By the late 1940s, the town became the junction for several lines, such as the Midland Railway, the Upper Darling Range and the Eastern Railway. In 1993, it was announced the Midland Railway Workshops would be closed. Despite efforts to keep them open, the workshops shut their doors in March of 1994. Not that this has left Midland isolated from the rest of Western Australia, as the Great Eastern Highway and Great Northern Highway intersect the town. Still, some of Midland’s Western Australia’s rich railroad heritage remains on display for all to see. The coal dam remains as a historical site, as well as an open space area. There is also the Memorial to Fallen Soldiers. This honours the 70 railroad workers who perished in the service of Australia during World War I and 25 more who died fighting the Second World War.

Not all railroad activity has ceased in Midland. The Midland Railway Station, opened in 1968, still serves as the terminus for the Transperth Suburban Railway System.

Commercial development of Midland began in earnest during the 1970s with the opening of the Midland Gate Shopping Centre. Today it boasts dozens upon dozens of stores and is located just walking distance from Doucas Dental. With the railway workshops a thing of the past, more focus is being put on commercial and tourism opportunities for the town. An emphasis is being put on revitilising the former railway workshops into a destination and heritage site. New roads and landscaping have been added. Midland has also seen a boost in the culture front with many art and performance programs scheduled throughout the year. The town is already home to the Western Australian Police Operations Centre, and in the coming years a new hospital and new GP Super Clinic are due to open. All this should bring an increase in Midland’s residential population as well as tourist traffic.

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