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Implant Reconstruction

  • Replace the gap from an extracted tooth
  • We place the crown on top of your implant
  • We refer you to our preferred specialist for implant surgery

Do you have gaps in your mouth? Do you hide your smile? Do you wish you could replace a tooth that was previously lost? Here at Doucas Dental we can provide you with treatment options to fill the space in your mouth left by extracted teeth with a permanent solution.

Throughout your life it is inevitable that at some point you may lose a tooth, this may be due to trauma or decay making a tooth no longer fixable. Once the tooth has been removed you could possibly be left with a gap which for some people can be a very traumatic experience whether that be due to cosmetic reasons or for the lack of function they may have now lost.

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Implant reconstruction

The best solution to this problem that a lot of people are now facing is to have a dental implant surgically placed into the jaw bone by one of our preferred specialists then once healing has occurred 3-6 months following the surgery a crown can be placed on by one of our dentists.

A dental implant feels and looks like a natural tooth and needs to be looked after in the same way as natural teeth to reduce the risk of failures by the loss of bone support surrounding the implant. Coming in for regular check ups and cleans at our practice ensures that any problems can be detected early.

Not all patients are suitable for dental implant therapy. Many factors such as the quantity and quality of your jaw bone and your overall gum health are taken into consideration before your dentist will recommend this treatment.

If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, call our Doucas Dental Team today to make an appointment or Book Online through our Health Engine link to discuss Implants with one of our friendly dentists.

Before & after

Implant and Crown