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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that enables a dentist to repair and save a badly broken down or infected tooth. Root canal treatment consists of a number of steps that take place over several dental appointments.

  • Your dentist will carefully examine and x-ray the tooth, then local anaesthetic is administered to the tooth to ensure you are completely pain-free during the procedure.
  • A dental dam (sheet of rubber) is placed over the tooth to isolate it and keep if free from saliva.
  • The pulp (nerve tissue) is then removed and the root canals are cleaned and shaped in preparation for the filling. Your dentist will also place an antibiotic paste inside the root canals to allow for the infection to be cleared.
  • At the next appoint your dentist will fill the root canals.
  • In most cases, teeth that have been root canal treated will require a crown to be placed over the top to restore the tooth’s natural shape, function and appearance.

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