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Teeth Whitening Perth

  • Want to brighten your smile?
  • Do you have yellow or stained teeth?
  • We provide a 'take home whitening kit'

Are your teeth yellow, discoloured or stained? Wanting to brighten your smile?

Our teeth are not naturally white and most people want to improve their smile with brighter and whiter teeth. During day to day eating and drinking of certain foods and beverages, our teeth develop surface stains. Also our teeth naturally darken with age. Some of these stains can be removed at your regular check-up, scale and clean appointment. Others may require further teeth whitening treatments which we have available as a ‘take home kit’ here at Doucas Dental in Midland. 

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

The take home teeth whitening kit includes your own custom fitted upper and lower trays, your impression models and whitening gels. If you want an instant result we recommend using the whitening kit for 30 minutes only every day for 7-14 days, then you can purchase more whitening gels to top up if you need. Whitening is only short term, you will need to top up every 6-12 months.

If you’re a new patient, it is recommended that you book a consultation with one of our dentists first if you are a new patient with one of our dentists before whitening your teeth as some patients may not be a good candidate. If you’re a regular patient you can discuss this at your next check-up and clean appointment.

Book a teeth whitening consultation today

For further information, please book a teeth whitening consultation with one of the experienced dentists at our Midland dental clinic. You can book a teeth whitening consultation online or call us on 08 9274 1657. 

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