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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Perth

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop, typically within the teenage years or late 20s. Because of the location, the dentition is difficult to clean and often becomes cumbersome to maintain, which can lead to accumulation of oral bacteria, plaque and tartar. In most cases, the wisdom teeth develop impacted or slanted in all positions and need to be extracted due to prolonged pain.

The poor alignment of the third molars can cause drifting of the adjacent teeth, as well as crowding and permanent damage to the jawbone. In addition to this, the occlusion can become asymmetrical, leading to speech impairments and chronic discomfort.

Do I get my wisdom teeth removal treatment in-chair at Doucas Dental or in a hospital?

Wisdom teeth removal by Doucas Dental can be performed in a private hospital in Perth under general anaesthesia or in-chair at our practice, depending on your individual case. All methods of anaesthesia provided during wisdom teeth removal vary depending on the patient’s level of tolerance. The treatment may be completed by using local anaesthetics. General anaesthesia is used for medically compromised individuals who may have a higher level of anxiety. In every case, the patient’s medical history is reviewed in detail, and the treatment is tailored to their specific needs.

What needs to be considered before the wisdom teeth removal treatment takes place?

There are several preparatory steps we take before the extraction of wisdom teeth. The patient’s blood pressure is taken, as well as the medication intake is verified for people with chronic medical conditions. For proper determination of anaesthetic dosage, the patient’s weight and height is confirmed along with a full health status assessment. If general anaesthesia is administered, the patient is required to come with a driver to assist them home after the surgery.

What gets monitored throughout the procedure?

All vital signs are monitored throughout the entire procedure by a dental auxiliary, combined with the help of the dental equipment such as alarm systems. The patient’s respiratory signs, cardiac functions and pulse are closely supervised during the treatment. The stage of development will have a great impact on the ease of the treatment. Wisdom tooth removal in Perth by our dentists at Doucas Dental ensures an uncomplicated experience with minimal soreness after the procedure. However, it’s important to note every patient recovers differently post-treatment.

Why is it important for patients to disclose medical conditions?

It’s important for patients to disclose any pertinent medical conditions prior to any dental surgery, as the bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and affect other organs within the body. The frequency of medications and recent measures of drug levels can greatly impact the patient’s ability to heal and recuperate from dental procedures. The treatment may need to be postponed until a proper level of health is achieved to ensure the safety of the patient and they are cared for appropriately.

What happens if infection arises after wisdom teeth removal?

When wisdom teeth have to be removed, in some cases, they can become infected. Antibiotics are then prescribed to release the infection and assure the patient’s comfort during the surgery. Oral rinses may also be suggested to alleviate the growth of oral bacteria and minimise any chances of post-operative contamination.

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