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Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Wisdom teeth removal at our practice
  • Wisdom teeth removal under general anaesthetic
  • Referrals to our preferred oral surgeon specialists

At Doucas Dental, our principal dental surgeon Dr Gregory Doucas has been removing wisdom teeth in hospital since 1976. We also offer in chair removal at our practice however each case is different and we require patients to see one of our friendly dentists to assess their wisdom teeth prior to making any decisions. In some cases the dentist might have to refer to our preferred oral surgeon specialists. If your wisdom teeth aren’t currently causing any pain or issues they can in the long term cause cysts to form in the jaw and decay on the teeth in front so it is best to get them looked at prior to them becoming an issue.

At your consultation appointment, the dentist will require a full mouth OPG x-ray in order to asses your wisdom teeth. We take this OPG x-ray at our practice, or if you have had one of these x-rays taken previously at another dental practice within the year you can bring this to your appointment or we can request this from your previous dental practice for you.

Dr Gregory Doucas performs wisdom teeth removal under general anaesthesia at a private hospital only. We have monthly patient lists at a private day surgery hospital and we use our preferred anaesthetist for all procedures. The anaesthetist fees and private hospital fees are separate and additional to our fee. We will provide you with more information regarding the hospital and the anaesthetist at your consultation appointment.

Contact our team at Doucas Dental today to book your wisdom teeth consultation appointment, you can call us or book online.

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